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Designed by ACA's language specialists, Mindi gives you access to a bank of more than 5,000 activities allowing you to optimize your second language learning.

Mindi is a learning platform that gives you access to language learning content.

The content was created by the team of pedagogical experts and language trainers at ACA.

The platform contains language capsules, grammar and vocabulary exercises, as well as video capsules followed by vocabulary and comprehension exercises. 

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ACA's online language learning platform is

Constantly evolving,
the ACA Platform gives you access to:

Video capsules, grammar exercises, scenarios, comprehension activities, learning tips, vocabulary and expression lessons.

Intermediate and Advanced Business English

Customer service, human resources, insurance, finance, meetings and presentations, problem solving and more!

Authentic content for
promote your skills in English or French

Real-world communication situations created by the ACA teaching team with the authentic voices of ACA trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mindi platform allows you to choose from several learning paths depending on your interests and goals, whether it’s travel, general conversation, or corporate meetings.

We have generic capsules and business capsules to meet all needs.

Our capsules cover a variety of topics, such as first meeting a client, introducing yourself, asking questions, checking sensitive information, giving news, interview and much more to practice relevant language, phrases, new vocabulary, and improve your understanding.

The Mindi platform was created by the ACA pedagogical team, the content is relevant different levels in English or French. There is vocabulary and grammar suitable for beginner and intermediate learners, and for those looking for a challenge, more refined idioms and communication situations for advanced levels.

Yes, contact us for more information on our corporate packages and our language training programs.

Face-to-face training, whether in person or remotely, is a necessary asset for language learning and development. However, many learners do not have enough time to devote to their personal investment and may lose their motivation.

ACA created Mindi to meet the needs of the learner with a platform to promote personal investment and the practice of language skills outside of regular training.

To find out more about our teaching methods and training, contact us.

Users have access to their personalized profile with the number of units in progress and completed. They can view the results of their personal investment with the number of hours spent online, the points accumulated and level of progress online.

Our most popular capsules are the Verb tense and Idioms capsules. These two language aspects are the biggest challenges for our learners and we encourage a lot of practice with these units in order to consolidate your knowledge.

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